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"Learn, live, and succeed."

   "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a  day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."                                            

                       - Lao Tzu



        Math is a difficult subject for many students. Some say it's scary, some say it's boring, and some groan, "But I'll ne732010_123820_12.jpgver use this in real life!" As a math teacher, it's my challenge to show my students that math is fascinating, functional, and even fun! I'm happy to take on this challenge, and to show students the infinite value and usefulness of mathematics.
        Some students feel a lot of anxiety about math. I think it's very important to address this common issue by teaching mathematics in an approachable way. I use examples that students are familiar and comfortable with when introducing a topic. Students feel more confident when I start with a concept they've already mastered, and then build on that concept to introduce the new topic. I also think it's important to explain each concept in a variety of ways, as all students learn differently. One example might make the most sense to one student, while another type of example makes more sense to a different student.
        I feel very enthusiastic about math, and it's important to me to convey that enthusiasm to the students. I want my students to understand that math is everywhere and in everything. Though we may sometimes feel like we don't use mathematics in everyday life, in reality we all use some kind of math every day. The scope of mathematics is vast and far-reaching, and it's important for students to understand and appreciate this. Though the average person might not perform trigonometric functions on a daily basis, the study of math itself improves one's ability to problem-solve and think critically.
        I think it's important to integrate fun activities into my lessons. For me, it's important for my students to experience math outside of their textbooks, and I therefore design activities that coincide with the topic. This reinforces the students' learning and enhances their interest in the topic.
        My goal as a teacher is to enable my students to master the topics I introduce to them, and to cultivate a positive attitude toward mathematics as a whole.


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