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Classroom Expectations

  1. General: Students and teachers will follow the school-wide behavioral expectations of “Respect, Responsibility, and Honesty/Integrity.” Students will respect all peers, visitors, and school personnel, obey all rules, and work diligently in and out of class.

  2. Absences: Students are encouraged to notify me in the event of a planned absence so I can give them the assignment for that day ahead of time. Students with excused absences must complete the work they missed. This will be arranged on an individual basis with the teacher depending on the circumstances.

  3. Tardiness: Students should come to class on time. If you are late to class 2 times, you will receive a lunch detention with me. If you are late to class 3 times, you will receive an administrative detention.

  4. Homework: Generally, I assign homework every day. Homework will be collected at the start of the class unless students are otherwise instructed. If you are missing 3 or more homework assignments, parents/guardians will be notified to arrange a time to make up work.

  5. Breaks: Students must get my permission to leave class during instructional hours for water, to use the restroom, or for any other valid reason. Students given leave will sign out at the time they leave the classroom and sign back in when they return. Students are permitted to leave the room one at a time.

  6. Electronic Devices: No use of handheld electronic devices is allowed while in class unless permission is specifically granted by the teacher. If a student is caught using such a device without permission, it will be confiscated. Here are the consequences: 1st Offense: Device will be confiscated for the remainder of the block. 2nd Offense: Device will be confiscated for the remainder of the school day. 3rd Offense: Device will be confiscated and a parent or guardian must come to school and pick it up.

  7. Grade Reports: Every Monday, I will give each student a list if his/her missing assignments. Missing assignments can also be viewed by parents at any time on PowerSchool. All grades are updated every Sunday evening. All parents and students have access to PowerSchool. Please contact the administrative office for more information. I will determine all grades based on work received and on my professional observations and judgment. Should you have any questions about your grade, I am willing to discuss and explain it in detail.

     I reserve the right to revise the expectations as the need arises.

Student Handbook

          You can view your 2015-2016 Student Handbook here: 




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